"I was not prepared for the realization that the average Christian or prisoner in Rwanda did not have a Bible. It is an amazing thing to see so many that are so desperately hungry for the written Word of God."
Arlene Tatum,
IRM Founder and President

Bible Ministry

Distributing Bibles is a vital part of the vision of IRM founder and President Arlene Tatum. Being reconciled to God through Christ then reading God's word and applying it, brings peace to one's life and causes faith to grow. God's written word, the Bible, teaches us to forgive and how to be reconciled to each other giving hope for a good future. Having a personal Bible is a need for everyone and God has given IRM a desire to supply the Rwandan, Ugandan & Kenyan prisoners and villagers with as many Bibles as possible.

The provision of free Bibles and discipleship materials has been one way for IRM to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ to the prisoners and villagers. Because of the generous financial gifts from IRM partners, 41,828 Bible and Discipleship Booklet sets have been distributed.

With most living on less than $1 per day, they just do not have funds for a $10.50 Bible. The joy on their faces is unmistakable as they clutch the new Bible to their chest with some weeping or dancing before the Lord, giving thanks for being given a copy of their very own.

I was told by one warden, "Many people have come to visit, but they have all come empty handed. You are the only one who has brought many blessings." My ministry partners had supplied scarves, ties, Bibles, and Discipleship Booklet sets. These prisoners had prayed for 5 years for just one Bible to share as they only had four New Testaments among them, ministering to this prison of 4,000!

Bible distribution at
the Rehabilitation Center

"Life behind prison walls is not always what it seems. Rwandan prisons are full of men and women who now have broken, shattered lives and dreams. Each day that passes pushes them further from humanity, as they struggle within the prison walls, to maintain their sanity." Alfred Mupenzi - IRM Rwanda Vice President and Legal Representative.

If you would like to partner with this incredible ministry, please visit our donations page to see how you can help make an impact on the lives of the people of Rwanda, Uganda & Kenya.

Following my first time distributing Bibles in Rwanda, in 2006, my pastor advised that I write the fourteen page "Discipleship Booklet" that has been translated into Kinyarwanda and now accompanies each Bible.