Arlene speaking at Klamath Christian Center


IRM presentations give a glimpse into the country and culture of Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya along with some of what God is currently doing there and how He is using IRM to minister there. The content of each presentation varies to meet the needs of the requesting organization or church. The presentation can include photos of the 1994 genocide sites and prisons for organizations, churches and older school children, by request. Photos of the countryside, culture, people and animals make an interesting presentation for younger school children. Power Point Presentations very in length from 15 minutes to 1 hour and can be tailored to accommodate any venue. IRM founder, Arlene is also available for both Power Point Presentations and speaking engagements including her personal story of how Jesus set her free.
Look below to see testimonials of Arlene's presentations.

"I met Arlene and knew that our church would benefit greatly from hearing her amazing testimony. I cannot express enough what a blessing her story was to me and our congregation. She has a powerful way to deal with trauma, resentment, and bitterness. Her story leads you to Jesus and the power of forgiveness. She is a mighty woman passionate for serving the Lord in difficult areas and places. Her testimony challenges all of us to step out and to trust God with everything. The Lord has done an extraordinary work in her life. I would highly recommend any group, church or event to have her share this powerful story."
Dan Russell, Battle Ground Foursquare Church

"Arlene Tatum's presentation of her ministry in the prisons of Rwanda reveals how God can use anyone who is surrendered to the will of God. Although Arlene has not had any "special training," God has used her miraculously in getting her into the prisons. God is doing a powerful work through her surrender to Him and through the heart of love and compassion He has given her. Her presentation was a great challenge to all who saw and heard her."
Lyle Wilson, Mid-Valley Community Church

"Ms. Tatum's presentation on the work she is doing in Rwanda, Africa is both educational and a powerful, living testimony of what God can do with the life of one person who is willing to take the step and say 'Here am I, Lord, send me.' Every one of my students voted to have Ms. Tatum come again to speak to their school."
Kate Yakis, History Teacher, Willamette Valley Christian School