"May I have one!"

Tract Ministry

IRM has found the use of gospel pamphlets (tracts), which share the love and forgiveness God has to offer, to be a very valuable ministry tool, especially when interpreters are not available. We believe handing out tracts should not be a substitute for personal witnessing, but that it still is a very important and convenient part of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with villagers and prisoners. The gospel pamphlets can be read and shared with neighbors and friends while at the same time giving follow-up contact information for the Rwandan and Ugandan Pastors that IRM partners with.

When the pamphlets are accompanied by a scarf, or tie, they act as a silent witness to the warmth of Jesus' Love. It is our purpose and prayer at IRM that the people who receive these pamphlets will know that God loves them. A great message has been given through these tracks and IRM has distributed over 21,000 of them.

Teammates become "mob magnets: as friendly people gather the moment they start handing out pamphlets. When an interpreter is available, the Gospel can be preached and salvation decisions made. Later in the day, villagers can be seen sharing the green colored pamphlets with God's message of forgiveness and redemption with neighbors and friends. The pamphlets also give follow-up contact information for IRM Rwandan, Uganda and Kenyan Pastors.

Thank you to Pastor Emmanuel Sitaki for translating IRM's pamphlet and Discipleship Booklet into Kinyarwanda.